Monday, May 01, 2006

40s Lady

Alright, it's not the most entertaining or provacative moniker you could give a person. But she sure was interesting enough to grab our attention. Who was that lady anyhow?

Back during our youth, there was a lady who we would see weekly walking down Oregon Avenue, dressed up like a 1940's socialite or movie star. Every Saturday without fail, she'd stroll down the street in her fur stole, hat, rhinestone sunglasses, stockings with the seam down the back, and period dress. Not the same dress every week mind you, but definitely they all fell within the 40s era. And her hairstyle matched. I remember we used to say "hairdo" then, but now that word seems to have fallen out of favor.

People who get a post here in this blog get it for a reason. That reason being that they were interesting folks. Not your everyday neighborhood types, but those who captured your interest. This lady was one of them. I have to wonder, being we saw her only on Saturday, did she only come this way once a week? Maybe she took the subway to Oregon station and walked down from there. Or maybe she was actually among us every day, yet dressed in current styles for the other six days. Who knows? She was interesting that lady, but not to the point of where she'd get some catcalls or where someone would mock her. We just watched her walk by and took notice. I wonder what some of the kids would say if they saw her dress that way today in 2006? I think she'd get more than a notice. I think she'd dress that way once and not again once she heard the kids give her a hard time. Just my opinion. Some would say that South Street is the place to go today if you want to be different. I say let people be people.

Kids, take notice to what's going on around you. Maybe someday you too will remember and write about the unusual neighbors and strangers you've encountered. Or maybe not. Time will tell.

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