Friday, August 11, 2006

Mike Douglas Passes Away

Most people 40 and over will remember Mike Douglas and his afternoon TV show on KYW-TV 3 back in the 70s. Mr. Douglas' show featured musical and entertainment celebrities of all types and was pretty popular at the time, before cable had widened the variety of programming and before people like Oprah and Springer ruined the format in various ways.

I read that Mike Douglas died today on his birthday at 81. Gone, but not to be forgotten. He was a staple of Philly television as much as Larry Kane was and Jim Gardner is to anchoring the news, or as Sally Starr and Gene London were to kids TV, even if we did watch him back then in blue and white pixels instead of color.


... Mike Douglas' contemporaries of the era. Steve Allen, Merv (Ooooh!) Griffin, and Dinah Shore all had similar programs in the afternoon.

... The set of The Mike Douglas Show being maybe somewhat spartan by today's comparison. Just a few high stools, the name of the show on the wall, and a few characters with it such as an asterisk and exclamation point. Simple stuff, but the emphasis was on those on stage and not on the set or the lighting.

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