Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to School Time

For many of us as kids, Labor Day would make us cringe. It was a holiday for adults, they got the long weekend and three days away from the desk or construction site or wherever they toiled. For us, it only meant one thing - back to school.

Yes, the most dreaded day on the calendar was the Wednesday after Labor Day. With that day came the start of nine months of homework, books, teachers, and all the things that an introverted, disinterested kid would hate. There were only a few bright spots during the school year, that coming when we got Christmas and Easter vacations. That's right, Christmas and Easter, not Winter Holiday or Spring Celebration or whatever the politically correct want to call them today.

To the kids heading back to school tomorrow, you have my sympathies. Especially if you have teachers who either don't care too much or those who rule with an iron hand. I know this post doesn't provide you with much of a memory or humor, but let me give you a bit of wisdom. My advice to you would be to learn as much as you can, and do your best rather than just trying to make it through. You'll come out much better in the end, finding your potential in the career market much greater than if you just seek a high school diploma and nothing more. Things worked out well for me even though I lacked a degree, I'm no longer an introvert and careerwise, I did pretty well. But why risk it? Aim high and try to enjoy the ride. And if you really hate school anyhow, hey, June will be around soon enough.

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